Delay Ejaculation Tips

Delay Ejaculation Tips helps men in the UK to avoid premature ejaculation. Not with a pe treatment but with 2000 year old simple tantric techniques. In the e-book Maithuna you can read how to prolong cumming for long lasting lovemaking. Besides learning how to stop premature ejection, in Maithuna you read about tantric sex.

delay ejaculation tipsDelay Ejaculation taboo

How to delay ejaculation is the big question for men, but is also a taboo. Men don’t talk about this, but want to know how to do it. Tantric lovers know for than 2000 year how to do this and the secret is revealed by Xander Pleysier (Guru Martin).

Kamasutra for Women

The book Maithuna is seen as the Kamasutra for Women, because it helps women to enjoy sex to the max. Therefor the male sexpartner needs to know how to prevent cumming early.

Prolong climax

When you know how to stop pe you will be a better lover going from ’11 minutes’ long lasting lovemaking for hours if you want.

Without PE medication

With the e-book Maithuna you don’t need PE medication to delay ejaculation.